River Ranger Welcomes You

Our Planet is our home. Regardless of how big or how small. And we need to keep it clean. By starting in our area, we are able to maintain the cleanliness of our most valuable life source. This is our water supply that flow via little streams and to our communities homes, schools, hospitals and even a tap near you.
This is where our River Rangers have a huge contribution in the Eastern Free State and surrounding areas. Our Rangers offer their time, their VALUABLE time, to clean out, manage and maintain the water flows and habitats on farm lands where our water supply runs through.
River Ranger is a non-profit organization that provides work opportunities to the unemployed sector across each provincial border in South Africa, starting in the Eastern Free State with our driving force based in Clarens.


Tel. 058 256 1664
Email is garth@btwo.co.za


As the River Ranger does a lot of it's work in rural communities we are strongly dependant on donations and any support is truly appreciated